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HBC Men's Breakfast & Seminar on Sexual Purity

Guys, there is victory to be had here. Most of us would rather avoid this sensitive issue. But at what cost? The price is our holiness, our families, our personal self-esteem, the effectiveness of our ministry, and our mental and physical health. Normally we have a single message then break. This will be more of a seminar – so please calendar this in for the whole morning.

  • GUEST SPEAKER: Bob Reehm, former Naval Nuclear Engineer, currently serving in Navigators ministry
  • BIO
  • WHEN: Saturday, January 20th; 7:30-11:30 am
  • CONTACT: Dave Westwood

January ESL Fellowship

In just 65 years, Seoul has risen from the ashes of civil war to one of the most modern cities in the world. We will hear testimony by a Hillview brother from South Korea and learn about his homeland. Join us and expand your English in follow-up discussion and fellowship around a potluck dinner together.

  • WHEN: January 21 3:30-5:30 PM
  • WHERE: Hillview Bible Chapel
  • CONTACT: esl@hillviewbiblechapel.org

Bible Survey II

You can still join the next Bible Survey class, even if you missed our Bible Survey class in the fall! Bible Survey II will cover a historical section spanning from the time of Samuel, the last judge of Israel to Zedekiah the last king of Judah. Taught at an adult level, classes have a lecture/discussion format, and homework reading & study covering about 20 chapters of the Bible each week. Students should download the syllabus/homework assignments and complete the first homework assignment in 1 Samuel before the first class on Jan. 10.

  • WHEN: Wednesdays 7-8:30pm 1/10 - 4/4, 2018
  • WHO: Adults & youth, age 14 yrs and older
  • CONTACT: biblecourse@hillviewbiblechapel.org